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Dyno Tuning

At Mazworx, we can use our in-house hub dynamometer to tune your engine and check the performance of both piston and rotary powered engines.
Dynamometer’s simulate road conditions and add resistance accordingly while measuring energy, torque and horsepower.
Tuning a vehicle is now easier at Mazworx as the hub dyno tunes with more accurate results than a rolling dyno, logging all the data while bolted to the dyno directly by the axle.
There is no requirement for straps on a hub dyno which means there are no parasitic tyre losses and horsepower numbers are not compromised with slippage.
No traction changes mean a high consistency of reporting and testing loads can be repeated.
Adjustments and diagnostics can be achieved in a controlled environment to gain peak performance from your vehicle.

All types of cars, old and new can benefit from dyno tuning. Please note that bookings are essential.


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